Step 5


The Multidisciplinary Panel Session will be organized, convened and moderated by the Research Director. The goal of this panel session is to generate a collection of questions that reflects diverse and wide-ranging disciplines. The session should take about 60 minutes to complete and is organized into two parts: 

  1. Panel presentations 
  2. Moderated discussion

For the panel presentations, a panellist from each of the disciplines is invited by the Research Director to briefly present (~5 minutes) the literature and the research questions that emerged from their earlier discussions with their discipline fellows.

For the moderated discussion, the Research Director opens up the floor for a 30-minute interactive exchange of ideas concerning the questions formulated by the separate discipline groups. To be considered: 

  1. How well does the collection of questions reflect the many and varied ways of asking questions across the disciplines? 
  2. Is the range of questions sufficiently diverse? 
  3. Can similar questions be differentiated? Which ones? How?


Briefly summarize how well your discipline question(s) held up in comparison to the others that were presented. How well did your question(s) appear to reflect your discipline? To what extent? In which ways?


What kind(s) of changes would you consider making to your question? Briefly explain.


Firm up your question before moving to the next step. If you are having trouble, be sure to discuss this with your discipline fellows or the Research Director.