Step 3


Consider which disciplines to include, all or some, and how well the assigned topic will work for these disciplines.

Role Assignment Parameters for ~40 students

Journalists 2
Judges 3
General Public 2
  • 10 teams
33 (3-4 per team)
Total 40 students


  • Decide how to configure the allotment of roles based on how many students you have.
  • Also decide how to assign the roles – self-assignment or pre-assignment.
  • Set limits for the number of students in each role category.
  • Try to ensure no student is alone in any one of the roles and that team members are scheduled during the same lab period. (In some colleges, the lecture group is divided into two separate lab groups.) Consider using the Sample Role Sign-Up Sheet for sign-up purposes.


  • Briefly introduce the students to highlights of the assigned topic (definitions or significant research).
  • Show them the list of disciplines and briefly explain how disciplines function in the social sciences.
  • Explain where the research proposal is located in the research cycle.
  • Focus their attention on creating the team and how to work collaboratively.
  • Show them the schedule for completing the numbered steps of their Scripts and invite them to get started.